Top Five Pet-Friendly Plants

  • By Editor
  • 25th October 2021

Whether you have a garden or not, indoor plants are a great way to spruce up the interiors and add to the aesthetic of your home. However, pet parents often hesitate before buying house plants because of their furry friends’ risks and allergens. Although plants like Aloe Vera Variegated come with many health benefits and beautiful candour, their effect on our beloved pets is not the best! But what if there were alternatives?

With this range of pet-friendly plants, your pets can dig up the soil safely, while you can discover the delights of the secret plant parent within you!

1. Money Plant

Money may not grow on trees, but this plant will surely be your money’s worth. It is not only a delicate and attractive addition to the house, but its properties also ensure that your beloved pets can roam around it fearlessly. Its heart-shaped leaves will soon leave a mark on you and your pets’ hearts.

2. Golden Fern

Golden ferns are known for their thick foliage and are vibrant indoor plants that can be planted in pots or baskets, kept on the floor, or hung from your favourite bookshelf. They are also pet-friendly plants, which means that you and your pets can be sure to have a golden gala time around them!

3. Gasteria

Succulents come in many shapes and sizes, and the fan-like placement of this plant’s leaves will leave you fanning over it in no time. The plant is not only disease and drought-resistant, but also non-toxic to dogs and cats, making sure that your pets can roam around it stress-free, while you enjoy the effortlessness of growing this plant.

4. Spider Plant

Also known as Chlorophytum Comosum, this plant is a beautiful addition to your home garden. Requiring minimal care, its free-flowing leaves are not only calming to look at, but also remove toxins from the air. While spiders may cause harm, this plant is not harmful to most four-legged pets, thus making for very friendly plants!

5. Peperomia Variegated

Also known as the “Baby Rubber plant,” or “Pepperface,” this cute little plant will not harm your furry friends. The plant is pest free and is non-toxic to dogs and cats.

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